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The Unione Sportiva Lecce, founded in 1908 and commonly known as Lecce, is an Italian football club based in Apulia competing in Serie A for the 2023-24 season. Throughout its history, the club has fluctuated between Serie A and Serie B, making its top-flight debut in the 1985-86 season and achieving its best position with a ninth place in 1988-89. Lecce has won Serie B titles in 2010 and 2022, and its performance in Serie A places it 27th in the league's historical table.

The club managed to ascend from Serie C to Serie A in two consecutive seasons, returning to the top flight in 2019-20. Despite a brief relegation, Lecce won Serie B again in 2021-22, securing its tenth promotion to Serie A.

What you can do in Lecce:

  • Centro Storico: Be captivated by the old town of Lecce, a labyrinth of pedestrian streets adorned with baroque buildings.
  • Basilica di Santa Croce: This 17th-century basilica is a gem of Lecce baroque. Its elaborate facade and frescoed interiors with altars will amaze you.
  • Lecce Cathedral: Also known as Duomo, Lecce Cathedral is an imposing baroque structure with a richly decorated facade. Its interior houses artworks and a stone-carved pulpit.
  • Abbazia di Santa Maria di Cerrate: A peaceful oasis on the outskirts of Lecce. This 12th-century abbey will captivate you with its Romanesque architecture and natural surroundings.

What you can do around Stadio Via del Mare:

  • Stadio Via del Mare: If you are a football fan, you cannot miss the chance to visit Stadio Via del Mare, home of U.S. Lecce. You can take a stadium tour, visit the museum, or even attend a match.
  • Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista: This 17th-century church is located in the center of Lecce. It is a beautiful example of baroque architecture and houses several important artworks.
  • Roman Amphitheater: This ancient Roman amphitheater is located a short distance from Stadio Via del Mare. It is a fascinating ruin that offers a glimpse into the past of Lecce.
  • Porta Rudiae: This city gate is one of the last remnants of the Roman walls of Lecce.

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